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install ohs 12c on windows

installation notes and $h!t on how to install ohs 12c on windows

Oracle HTTP Server (64-bit) on Windows

these steps are a compressed, much easier version of Oracle’s documentation – if you’d like to see Oracle’s version, check it out here. also note that this covers JUST the installation. for configuration of the domain, see the Oracle documentation.


  1. Download the OHS from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/ias/index-091236.html
    download ohs 12c 64-bit for windows
  2. Put the downloaded zip file somewhere and unzip it. I put mines in c:\softwaretmp – you should now have a file named ohs_1212000_win64.exe
  3. Open a command prompt as Administrator
  4. Execute the exe file
    cd c:\softwaretmp
  5. Feel free to change any of the inputs you see in the screenshots that follow… 
  6. Oracle HTTP Server Install
    install ohs 12c on windows
    install ohs 12c on windows
    ohs 12c on windows
    ohs 12c on windows
    ohs 12c on windows
    ohs 12c on windows

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