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next time you tell your friend to get some balls – buy it for em

das right! it’s a case o bawls!!!!
Case o' Bawls
Case o’ Bawls

Now Available! Cherry BAWLS – In Bottles!! This is ThinkGeek’s favorite caffeinated beverage, and the choice of most of our customers as well. The caffeine (80mgs in each 10 ounce distinctly colored cobalt-blue bottle) is derived from the Guarana berry from the Amazon. This berry lends a sweet flavor to the drink. Scott thinks it tastes like a shirley temple. That’s not too far off, but some of us think it tastes more like a fruity Sprite. Really though it just tastes like Bawls and the only way to experience that is to get a case and figure it out for yourselves ;) The stimulating effects derived from Guarana frequently aren’t associated with the kind of stomach discomforts and jitters associated with drinking too much java. Bawls Guarana is a welcome addition to any caffeine junky’s repetoire. It’s also the main staple (right in front of Pizza) at most LAN parties.

Choose between a Case (24) of 10 ounces bottles (either Regular or EXXTRA (Sugar Free) or G33k B33R (Awesome Rootbeer!) or Cherry).

Or choose a Case (24) of 16 ounce cans in your choice of regular or Cherry.

BAWLS EXXTRA is sugar free, calorie and carb free with only 15 milligrams of sodium. It is sweetened with a combination of Sucralose and AceK (NOT to be confused with Aspartame). And it tastes great! Plus it has 50% more caffeine than regular BAWLS! Fizzling Blue Bawls Recipe Drop 2 caffeinated penguin mints into 1 bottle of regular Bawls and Enjoy.

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