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the server is in incompatible state – weblogic

the problem:  your node manager is reachable but you could not start the managed server. when attempting to start the server it is giving an error like

the server is in incompatible state which is incompatible with this operation or are 
not associated with a running Node Manager or you are not authorized to perform the 
action requested. No action will be performed

weblogic the server is in incompatible state
try this $h1t…

try deleting (or renaming/backing up) this file –> DOMAIN_HOME/servers/<servername>/data/nodemanager/<servername>.state

then try starting the managed server again through the console.

Note that per Oracle’s documentation, the .state file should not be removed as the Node Manager needs this to determine the current state of the file (read the Oracle doc here).

But hey, the state is wrong! If you want to proceed with caution, you can always rename/backup the file (ex. rename that bad boy to <servername>.state.bak) rather than completely removing it. Although, the Node Manager seems to re-generate this file if you delete it – but you should be fine either way.


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