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vi commands for cygwin

i started running cygwin for sshd on a windows VM and tried to edit a file using vi and got super frustrated. why is it not the same as regular unix vi??!!! why why??!

anyway, to save you the same headache here is a list of basic vi commands for cygwin

  • i                      – insert is similar to �a� but is to the left of where the cursor is.
  • a                      – appends to the data, after typing �a� you can use the keyboard to type in letter/numbers like a normal word processing program.  When you are done typing what you want at that location, you need to hit the �Esc� button before you can return to the regular mode.
  • Esc                 – escape ends the current mode you are in (i.e. typing mode) and takes you back to the original.
  • x                      – Typing �x� lowercase will erase the character on the cursor, like the �Backspace� key does in a normal word processing program.  The �Delete� button will do the same thing in the regular mode.
  • :w                   – saves all the changes you made to a existing file name.
  • :w new-filename           – saves all the changes you made to a new filename you specify.
  • ZZ                   – Capital ZZ.  This will save and quit the �vi� program and bring you back to the command line.
  • :q!                 – This will quite the �vi� program without saving the last changes you made.
  • u                      – This is undo, and will undo the last action you have completed.
  • dd                   – This will erase the entire line.  Tying a number before typing �dd� will remove the number of lines chosen.
  • :se nu         – This is to �set number lines� which will temporarily number the lines of the document for you.
  • Ctrl f         – This will page down the document by one screen length.
  • Ctrl b         – This will page up the document by one screen length.
  • G                      – This will move the cursor to the end (bottom) of the document
  • 1G                   – This will move the cursor to the top of the document



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